Are there any special considerations when choosing a wooden garage door for an exterior entrance?

The material you choose for your garage door can be based on a combination of style preferences, maintenance considerations, and durability. Steel garage doors can be an excellent choice when it comes to durability, and our Ultra-Grain finish can provide the beautiful appearance of wood without the maintenance of natural wood. Garage door styles range from simple, basic doors to doors with intricate details that fit a particular architectural style. Wooden garage doors are vulnerable to weather and other external factors, such as moisture accumulation and termites.

Wooden garage doors are designed to be beautiful and elegant and are often considered to be both a decorative and a functional element. Major garage door manufacturers, such as Clopay, rate the typical lifespan of garage doors at 20,000 cycles. If a wooden garage door isn't repainted and sealed regularly, it can become susceptible to moisture and to rotting or even buckling in winter due to colder temperatures. When choosing a budget, most homeowners primarily consider the importance of the aesthetic appeal of the door, whether the door needs to be insulated, and how durable the door should be.

Pinch-resistant doors prevent fingers from breaking between the panels when the door is closed. Clopay offers wooden doors in a variety of species, from Redwood to Luan, with styles that range from raised panels to modern. Synthetic wood garage doors are not custom-made, although they are still available in a wide variety of colors and styles. A great way to increase curb appeal without spending thousands of dollars on renovations is to improve the garage door and front front door together.

Starting with a professional garage door dealer makes the entire process of selecting the right garage door much easier and less stressful. Plus, when you choose Consolidated Garage Doors to replace your current door with a Clopay garage door, you'll receive a one-year installation warranty for added peace of mind. You can find quality garage doors in all three types of garage doors, but opting for a double-layer or premium door offers the extra insulation that many homeowners want. Windows and any additional details generally increase the cost, whether you choose a standard door or fully customize it.

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