Can you use a solid wood door for exterior door?

Solid wood doors can be used for both interior and exterior doors. When used outdoors, the wood must be finished or painted. Quite frankly, wood isn't a wise investment. It costs more than cheaper types of exterior doors, such as vinyl and aluminum.

It will also require more maintenance costs and maintenance time over the years. Interior doors are not exposed to the elements, so they can be made of less substantial materials than exterior doors. Can an interior door be used as an exterior door? No matter how well you protect the door with paint, it will warp and break in a few years. An entrance is the center point of the facade of a house.

And the front door, his most precious asset. It's easy to understand why many of us still like our doors to be made of wood. Nothing can match the warmth and pleasant weight of the material. Or it offers a lot of design options.

The steel doors are stamped; the fiberglass comes out of the mold. However, a wooden door can be custom-made in virtually any shape or size and incorporate whatever molding profiles, panel configurations, glazing options, or sizes you want. Solid and rich in colors, mahogany wood doors add sophistication to your home. Mahogany is one of the most reliable materials for the construction of exterior doors.

Pre-hung doors come with hinges in a sealed frame, eliminating the need to square the door on its jamb and with holes already drilled to place a lock. You can expect to have to repaint or stain an exterior door every 5 to 7 years to maintain the appearance and structural qualities of the wood. If it weren't for the elements, wooden doors would still be a favorite for doors and other exterior features, such as siding and windows. There is no need to review the advantages of wooden doors because you will already know them from an eye test.

It's a common misconception that it's easier to enter through a wooden door than through a steel or fiberglass door. To maintain your wooden front door, sand and re-varnish varnished doors every year, and polyurethane doors every two years. Increase the efficiency factor even more by installing an attractive storm door that complements the style of the wooden front door. When it comes to selecting the best wood for exterior doors, wood suitable for painting will be less expensive and with a good coat of paint, very durable.

We're proud to help homeowners, designers, architects, and builders design, build, and install beautiful custom wood entry doors of nearly any size, style, and finish for over 50 years. Consequently, if you want your money to spread even further, you should avoid wooden exterior doors, regardless of how beautiful they look. But it's small, considering the visual and tactile rewards that a wooden door gives us every time we return home. Because you can choose from a variety of woods that you can dye or paint, and you can add glass if you wish, wooden doors complement all home styles, from the most artisanal to the contemporary.

However, even an inexperienced eye can quickly distinguish between a wooden exterior door that is new and one that is only five to ten years old.

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