How do you replace broken panels on a wooden garage door?

This step is done to prevent paint or putty from peeling off when the quarter round is removed from the frame. Then use the hammer to insert the steel spatula between the quarter of a round and the door frame. The objective is to use the spatula to lift the quarter round and separate it from the door frame, removing the finishing nails that hold it in place. During this process, be careful not to damage the room turn or the door frame and only remove the molding from the inside of the garage door.

When the wood hardener is dry, insert the new panel into the frame from inside the garage door and replace the trim of a quarter turn with finishing nails and the hammer. In most cases, using the fine-pointed pliers to hold the finished nails will prevent your fingers from reaching the hammer. Place putty around the new panel where it meets the quarter round on the outside of the door, and then take a step back and admire your work. Wood is warm to the touch and relaxing to the eye and can reduce much of the noise associated with the mechanism needed to open and close the garage door.

Opening or closing a garage door on a vehicle bumper, hitting the door with a vehicle, or throwing a ball with force can cause damage that ranges from minor to catastrophic. Strong wind could damage a wooden garage door, but most likely, any damage caused by the wind comes from wind-blown debris, such as garbage cans.

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