What are the best exterior doors for hot weather?

Fiberglass doors are the best choice for handling direct sunlight. Fiberglass doors are durable and much less likely to be damaged by the sun than wooden doors, in addition to being relatively cooler to the touch than steel doors. While all doors will suffer some degree of damage from exposure to heat, fiberglass will receive the least amount. The way it is manufactured allows heat to penetrate through the layers without degrading the color, structure or escaping into the home.

In addition, you can have a warranty of up to 20 years on doors made of this material, so it will be a great purchase if you want something that lasts longer than the coming heat waves. The front door must be strong enough to ensure the safety of those inside and, at the same time, be cozy and attractive enough to welcome visitors to your home, since it attracts attention and can improve or detract from the attractiveness of the house. Steel entrance doors don't have to look like they belong to an industrial environment, since advances in technology and paints make them as attractive as wood and cheaper. Much more energy efficient than wood, Energy-Star certified steel doors offer one of the best options for an entrance door.

And because of the way they're made, they have tighter frames and windows usually have two or three panels. According to House Logic, the drawbacks include a life expectancy of just five to seven years when exposed to adverse weather conditions or salty air. This is especially true when you choose to work with manufacturers of premium fiberglass doors, such as Today's Entry Doors. When faced with constant sunshine, wood ages quickly, making it the worst choice for a south-facing front door.

Consider other options, such as fiberglass, wrought iron and Escon doors, which are made of wood, but in such a way that these elements do not reach them (they are made by joining pieces of wood together instead of using a single large, solid piece of wood that can swell, bend, crack, or shrink over time when exposed to various weather patterns). If the front of your house is exposed to direct sunlight, wood may not be the best choice for a new door, as this material can warp, discolor, crack and delaminate over time. You'll need to consider your climate to choose the right door material and then compare the available door materials. The right and best choice for a front door is a personal matter, but some options are better than others in terms of durability, strength and beauty, all important qualities for a south-facing front door.

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