What happens to wooden doors over time?

Natural wood is a porous material capable of absorbing moisture and slowly deforming. Over time, it may reach a point where the wooden door won't close or is very difficult to open. If a door has not been treated with a protective treatment, if it is directly exposed to water, it gets soaked. The second most significant threat to your wooden doors is the presence of too much moisture.

Wooden doors absorb moisture very quickly if their finish weakens. Not only do wooden doors become heavy, affecting their overall functionality, but their heavy weight also weakens the hinges over time. Both humidity and humidity work the same way, especially if you live in areas where it rains or snows excessively, as they will increase air humidity, which will increase damage to wooden doors. It's not very common, but if a door swells too much and unevenly, and then dries quickly, it can be deformed.

Deformation occurs when a door, or any piece of wood, is twisted or twisted, mainly on exterior doors, due to exposure to moisture most of the time. This creates a lot of problems. If this is a small deformation, it may be difficult for you to hook the lock because it has been a little misaligned. However, there is usually enough to “give way” to the wood so that you can close it effectively.

Wood fibers expand when exposed to heat and moisture. Wood is naturally porous and, when left untreated, easily absorbs moisture. When this happens, the wood swells. Heat also affects wood fibers through thermal expansion.

This is why untreated or poorly maintained wooden doors tend to swell enough to cause the leaves to press against the frames, making the doors jam or difficult to open. The recommended solution is to sand or brush the door frame. However, care must be taken not to peel off too much, otherwise it may end up leaving a large space between the frame and the girdle. You'll need to scrape, prime, and repaint the wooden door to ensure that there isn't a moisture entry point.

This isn't a major problem right away, and that's especially true if you have a door that's naturally rot-resistant, such as a teak door, but if left unchecked for an extended period of time, all that excess moisture can cause irreparable damage to the door. This is because very small changes in size in the door can affect the placement of the hardware on both the door and the frame, creating an imperfect fit. No matter which direction your door faces, unprotected or unprotected, your door burns daily. Home window replacement contractors like us recommend regular maintenance to ensure that the wooden door is protected from heat and moisture.

When the finish of your wooden door degrades, your door will be exposed to all kinds of problems and hazards. Therefore, practically everyone will swell their doors at some point, even if the doors are reasonably protected. There are plenty of wood species and dyes available to suit any aesthetic without sacrificing performance in different regions, and wood doors can be designed just about any way you can imagine. In addition to the fundamental reasons for the deterioration of wooden doors, many problems can arise depending on the use given to wooden doors.

In this blog, home window repair contractor Quality Home Exteriors takes a closer look at why wooden doors swell and what you can do to stop it. First Impression Wood Masters applies the best finishes to its wooden exterior doors so that they can survive even in the harshest weather conditions and with continuous sunlight. So, if you have a door made of something like teak, you'll really have to neglect the maintenance of the door, or you'll have to have a poor quality door from the start to experience abnormal levels of swelling. As we have pointed out, door swelling, and everything that may eventually result from it, occurs because moisture is allowed to enter the door.

These dirt particles are blown away by the wind and penetrate wooden doors, leaving scratches on the doors. We combine artisanal workers with modern technology to manufacture custom-quality authentic wood doors for sale across the United States. .

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