What type of door is best for an exterior door?

Steel and fiberglass front doors require the least amount of maintenance. They are made of durable materials that resist dents and scratches, with a durable finish. Wooden front doors require a little more maintenance if you choose a wooden exterior. The most popular materials for an exterior door are wood, steel and fiberglass.

Most homeowners don't mind the initial investment in wood because of its traditional look and natural appeal. A metal or steel exterior door is the most economical of the three. Fiberglass comes in a variety of styles and is very durable. Choose the material for your exterior door based on energy efficiency, safety concerns and the style of your home.

Imagine a front door in your mind. Most likely, you are imagining a wooden door. For decades, wood was the only option and served homeowners well. Aesthetically pleasing and with a satisfactory weight, wooden doors are very versatile and lend themselves to virtually limitless possibilities of painting and staining.

Because it is possible to change the size of a wooden door by brushing it, there are many wooden doors across the country that have had a very long lifespan and have been used over and over again in different applications. If you live in a climate like Illinois, this front door material may be more difficult to maintain, unless you add a storm door or have a covered entrance. Although their manufacture has become more sophisticated and their resilience has improved, wooden doors are still sensitive to the environment. The wooden door should also be kept out of direct sunlight, as it can easily lose its appearance without proper maintenance.

Masonite steel doors, available at The Home Depot, feature deep, high-definition decorative panels that closely mimic the look of high-end wood doors without the maintenance that wood requires. But despite all their merits, wooden doors can be problematic, primarily because the material is naturally porous. A beautiful, quality front door improves the appearance and curb appeal of your home. The best exterior door will also help keep your property safe and secure.

Steel doors may be more energy efficient than wooden doors, but they will vary depending on the construction. Fibreglass exterior doors are made of two large molded sides that are filled in the center with a polyurethane foam core that insulates the door against extreme temperatures. By benefiting from the latest in manufacturing technology, fiberglass entry doors are impervious to environmental factors that threaten other types of doors. With fiberglass entry doors, you can get a real wood look without the cost or maintenance of real wood.

Storm doors, patio doors, security doors and mosquito doors are designed to work with your entrance. Read on to learn the difference between fiberglass and wood doors, steel and iron options, and review standard door sizes. This makes them an ideal choice for regions such as the south, where the combination of a dazzling sun and pouring rain would impair the longevity of a wooden door.

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