What type of hardware should be used with a wooden door?

Door hardware comes with an internal latch and a locking plate. Screwing directly into a hollow wooden door will work at first, but in my opinion it won't last. Door hardware is generally only available for standard door thicknesses and many doors are significantly thicker than that. Passage door hardware is sometimes referred to as hallway and cabinet door hardware and is functional hardware that does not lock.

And since you don't want to move around your house with a set of keys to go from one room to another, the interior doors of the houses use knobs and levers that don't lock, while the exterior doors use locking hardware, which requires a key. Door support plates: Protect the front door from dents and scratches with a protective plate with finishes that match existing hardware. The pass-through function of door hardware is great for rooms that you don't want to lock, but that have or need a door. It's also important to know what door hardware you need for each room in your house and your exterior doors.

Are you looking for door hardware or other home hardware accessories? Read this simple guide to learn more about door hardware, functions, finishes and other important information. What door accessories you need and where do door knobs come in various functions for different applications, such as cabinet doors, bathroom doors and exterior doors. So, if you are new to the world of remodeling or want to know a little more about what type of hardware you need for the different doors in your home, keep reading. Types of standard door latches Standard door latches are available in three configurations: entry latch, mortise plate latches with rounded corners and square corners.

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