What type of locks should be used with a wooden door?

The best lock for a wooden door is a lock that meets the requirements of the BS3621. The type of lock that can be installed can be a night lock, a mortise lock or a sash lock. An untested night latch can be used for access, but it must be backed by a tested padlock to have two locks on the door. Used on traditional wooden or composite doors, the mortise lock is embedded in the door for added strength and provides a locking point in the center of the door. Knob locks are the most common type of door lock available and the primary security method for most doors.

The lock cylinder is located on the knob itself instead of on the door. Knob locks should therefore not be used on external doors, as they can be easily broken with basic tools such as a hammer or key. Keypad locks can be opened with an attached numeric keypad instead of a key. They can be battery operated or mechanical and typically use bolt locks, knob locks, or mortise locks for the actual locking mechanism.

These locks offer greater versatility and allow keyless entry, although many also have holes to open other unlocking mechanisms. Some keyboard locks allow multiple custom codes, so building managers can easily restrict access. The above list does not include everyone. There are many other door locks, and many fall into the seven categories of knob locks, deadbolt locks, cam locks, padlocks, mortise locks, smart locks and keypad locks.

For example, lever handle locks are used for interior doors and work much like knob locks. Double-cylinder locks, which require a key on each side, violate the fire code in many places. It is not a good compensation for risks, even if they are legal, especially considering that it could be exchanged for a solid door in areas with a higher risk of crime. Usually, these locks will be installed on a wooden door.

It is important to note that they cannot be used on uPVC composite doors &. Rebate conversion kits are required for door locks and door locks, installed on the lowered edges of wooden doors. Multi-point locks are generally installed on PVC and composite doors, making them a popular choice for newly built homes, however, they can also be installed on wooden and aluminum doors. The orientation of the door, or the direction in which the door moves when opened, is another crucial factor in the installation of the lock.

The locking system is installed in the body of the door, screwing the door to the frame and locking it (as you might have already guessed) at several points. It is important to consider the location of the door (internal or external), the material of the door and the operation of the lock system itself. By looking at the location of the door you want to secure and the material it's made of, you can make an informed decision about the best lock for your home. They are usually found on the rear doors and are often installed on the front doors, in addition to a cylindrical edge lock (Yale lock).

We've summarized the key specifications of the most popular types of locks to help you choose the most secure locks for your home, as well as to provide you with an idea of how the most popular locks work.

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